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Birthdate:Mar 5
Location:New York, United States of America
Hey! I am Kelly, a 30-something music teacher and fangirl. As LJ is a dying art form, I'm not friending anyone and I won't be posting much for the foreseeable future.

You can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, AO3, Dreamwidth (please add me here, I'm trying to migrate!) and Wordpress.

My Doctor Who moodtheme is made by tryingtorevive.

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....nine years, arrested development, banned books, bear-stronauts, beastie boys, better call saul, blaise zabini: secret giraffe, brad neely, breaking bad, calvin and hobbes, cello, cherry goo & buttsecks, chris thile, conducting, david gray, dawes, dead poets society, dean/impala, deer tick, delta spirit, doctor who, e.e. cummings, elementary, essence of stick, fandom is fucking funny, firefly, firesign theatre, folk music, fringe, game of thrones, harry potter, heroes, homestar runner, house md, i'm a fucking squirrel!, ireland, ithaca college, ividisblesy, jacqueline du pre, jason isbell, jonny fritz, kenny winker, kibibble shackingup, kurt vonnegut, lee pace, legos, lord of the rings, lost, michael crichton, middle brother, monty python, music education, newport folk festival, no penis days, oh my god shoes, pearl jam, power ranger daleks, punch brothers, pushing daisies, ray lamontagne, regina spektor, shovels and rope, slash, sparkly staircases, star wars, strawberry bath suds, sufjan stevens, teaching, the asian club, the boy game, the exploding squirrels, the magic flute, trashy reality competition shows, trivial pursuit jeopardy, vlogbrothers, walt whitman, welcome to night vale, west side story, wolf 359, writing
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